Virtual Recordings

Audiovisual Adventures

29-feet of vertical plumage promoting Beach Blanket Babylon in San Francisco, CA.

The eternal attraction of thought in action. #DanceYourDream

A pair of dice by the dashboard light. :-)

We often leap from thought to thought, without giving a second thought.

"If you want to find God, hang out in the space between your thoughts." - Alan Cohen  Photo: International Space Station 5/28/14 @ 8PM PST

"Education should be the process of helping everyone to discover their uniqueness." - Leo Buscaglia

#YesAllWomen - One of the most valuable and educational hashtags ever.

Allies for Equality. #YesAllWomen

"The declaration of martial law and suspension of the Constitution by the military in Thailand provides a classic example of what happens when large concentrations of capital come up against democratic outcomes it doesn’t agree with."

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